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Past Event's Gallery

Short Film Commission

June 2022

Homegrown31 Commission Nai to make 'She Lost Her Visa, Then Her Baby'


Supporting Grant Sharkey

May 2022

Nai supports Grant Sharkey at The Lab, Northampton


The Lunar Trixies

May 2022

Nai joins 'The Lunar Trixies' 

"Sung harmonies atop saxophone and clarinet riffs remain the beating heart of our music. Raw emotion, storytelling and passion, that of our songwriting."

Full EP on Soundcloud & Youtube


The Plug LIVE Sessions

March 2022

Nai is selected to record a live interview and two poems with Homegrown31 Plug Live Sessions


An Audience with Growing Nai

March 2022

Inspired by 'An Audience with Shakti Blu' and with the support from The Medizen Lounge CIC, Nai performs her first full poetry & story telling show. Taking the audience through a poetic timeline of her life.


Online Open Mics

Lockdown 2021-2022

Nai hosts Bi-Monthly online open mic events on Instagram Live with a different topic each time.

Film Collaboration with RJ Studios

September 2020

After a series of workshops with Vital as part of Homegrown31, Nai collaborates with RJ Studios on her poetry film 'A Declaration of Self Love'


The Lab - Northampton


Nai shares her poetry for the first time in front of an audience at The Lab jam night known as 'Jonty's Jam'. The supportive and nurturing environment at The Lab helped build Nai's confidence to keep writing and performing.

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