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Community Workshop Facilitator

Certificate of H.E, University of Essex

Nai trained for two years to facilitate community workshops on the BA Acting and Community Theatre Course through The University of Essex (East15). Nai also trained with NCS (National Citizenship Service) and worked as a Team Leader delivering programs to nurture young people in their self development and engagement in social action. She currently works at Mind running weekly community poetry and well being workshops and 1-1 emotional support sessions. Recently Nai began managing 'Pause' a local self care and development program for local musicians, in collaboration with The Lab (community music venue), funded by the Northamptonshire Community Foundation. Nai combines her previous education with her lived experience to tailer relatable and empowering workshops within our communities.

Journalling, Drawing, Scrapbooking and Writing Poetry are life saving tools that have helped Nai process emotions and thoughts during some of the most turmoil times of her life including being amidst a domestic violence relationship and during her entire recovery journey

Nai leads workshops by sharing with the group parts of her story, with open discussion and simple exercises that invite the participants to reconnect to the power of releasing thoughts, feelings and memories out of the mind and onto the paper

For enquires or booking a workshop email:

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Reflective and Enlightening, both in thinking about myself but also in terms of knowing there are like-minded people out there. It was a very enjoyable experience and a safe space to share and reflect on life experiences. It was well structured - there was time to share as a group, to reflect and work individually and learn/be taught.

I felt like I was meant to be here...I deserved to be here to learn and express myself in a space where everyone is welcome. I found tools & writing techniques, allowing my words to only make sense to me.

Inspiring, Enlightening, Confidence Building, Safe, Connected and Reflective. Time to open up in writing, connect with people, and have some me time!

Empowering and Thoughtful. I was able to express my feelings, in a safe space, exploring poetry and writing.

Safe, Reassuring, and Peaceful. The Space to be completely me.

This was a really strong and wholesome experience in a friendly space.

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